As more buyers embrace a mobile-first approach and increase spend on mobile in-app brand advertising, publishers in APAC must prepare themselves to capture global brand spend. Unlike direct response or performance ads, brand ads require no action from the user, which means publishers can benefit from ad revenue without users having to navigate away from their app. 

To capture global brand spend, publishers will need to pay keen attention to having the right ad formats, impeccable user experience and the right SSP (supply-side platform) partner with the demand and resources to help them access global brand spend. 

In the playbook, you can find insights into these opportunities, including:

  • An overview of the trends driving in-app advertising and brand spend
  • Key challenges and opportunities for app publishers today
  • Actionable tips on how mobile publishers in APAC can capture global brand spend
  • How to select the right SSP Partner 
  • Best practice of how a leading casual games mobile app leveraged PubMatic's solutions to exponentially increase its revenue

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